4 Different Ways To Optimise Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is an essential aspect of conducting IT maintenance for business. We’re all aware of how applications are beneficial and useful for amplifying productivity and simplifying workload processes from manual to automation. Thus, it makes sense to secure and ensure that software and applications running through the server room are working while minimising downtime.

Software maintenance in IT maintenance services can be anywhere from updating software applications to configuring for performance optimisation or altering to meet the demands. Without further ado, here are a few ways to improve software maintenance:

Use cloud technology

One way to enhance software maintenance is to consider utilising or moving to the cloud. While this does not imply that hardware components are now inferior for storing an application, using on-premises legacy software can experience more downtime and maintenance. Cloud-based CMMS applications are situated in different locations. It means you no longer have to look for IT maintenance in Singapore for costly setup and infrastructure maintenance to support it. Thus, it reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.

Get rid of unnecessary applications

It’s not good practice to store legacy systems that do not contribute to the operation processes. Unnecessary applications should be removed and replaced with a new one that can further amplify workload and simplify processes.

Invest in quality assurance

IT maintenance is more than just providing an immediate solution to existing software or IT infrastructure problems. One way to optimise software maintenance is to conduct a test and evaluation of the code quality. Checking the quality of code (such as conducting QA) ensures that the application is working as it should be.

Use standardised installation for the latest software updates.

When installing the latest fix or patch, the installation of the software release should be conducted in a standardised procedure on every platform or device. As possible, following this not only grants uniformity. But it also relieves maintenance needs at the help desk.

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Issac Gloria

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