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The slow cooked food is a very good choice for families busy with fussy kids to be fed. Every time you eat where we consume vegetable liquids and meat are cooked in increasing the nutritional level we take. When we boil or steam food is a lot of nutritional value dumped in water. Food cooked in a slow cooker, casserole, soup and soup provide additional benefits to consume liquid rich in nutrients.

Some nutritionists say the opposite is true because when the food is cooked, the enzyme is damaged and nutritional value is lost. Consider the alternative choice “take away” for families busy with small children’s nutritional value is relatively high.

Hard vegetables such as carrots, beans, canned kidney beans, sweet potatoes, radishes and parsnip are ideal vegetables for use in slow stoves, because slow stable cooking processes will make them soft and more appetizing. Soft vegetables can be added halfway through cooking to reduce them too much.

Older meat like a tough goat or beef can be a good choice for use in slow stoves for similar reasons as mentioned above. The slow cooking process breaks down vulnerability and leaves tender and flavoursome meat.

Many vegetables that are softer broke up to portions that almost cannot be recognized in slow cooked food. This is a good way to use vegetables that children often like not to eat.

In addition to traditional stews, soups and casseroles, slow stoves can be used to cook grilled meat and can also be used to cook cakes, bread, and desert that will be enjoyed by all children.

The main food cooked slowly which is very good to be loved kids can be made with mix:

300g beef dice (slim group or fine casserole steak)
1 minced carrot cup
1 cup of chopped potatoes
1 chopped celery cup
Half a cup of chopped sweet potato
Half a cup of chopped turnip
1 large finely minced onion
1 piece of peas.
Half a teaspoon of curry powder
A pinch of salt
1 cup of water
Mix all ingredients except corn flour in a large slow stove. Cook until the meat is soft to an interesting point easily. Mix corn flour with enough water to form pasta and add pots. Cook for 30 to 45 minutes and serve with drizzling dry bread with olive oil. Creamy mashed potatoes are also ideal accompaniment to serve with this.

The recipe above is clearly the only basic choice. You can enter all and many variations that fit your family’s individual tastes.

Each concoction must be added as a decoration or at the last hour of the cooking process.

Issac Gloria

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