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Hosting Cloud, Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture is the latest technology and quickly appears. There are many explanations to the term cloud. Many are confused between the term grid computing and cloud computing. The cloud hosting system becomes increasingly popular, because the web host, basically shared hosting providers must deal with a large number of websites that require increased amount of resources.

One can find the definition of cloud hosting as best as possible in Wikipedia. I want to think of it as a completely new and sophisticated computer technology method. The main difference I see is that, in cloud computing, users buy computer technology as a service and not as a product.

Cloud can be taken as an approach to building computer architecture and providing services and applications to customers with resources that can be scaled, virtualized software resources to be provided as a service. Cloud can also be taken as a process of combining physical computer resources with the internet network.

Hosting clouds should be the most popular type of hosting solution. With this, it is possible to provide services on “paying per use usage”. Cloud hosting architecture can be achieved by utilizing existing virtualeed and clustered techniques. Web hosting providers must utilize cluster failure of clusters or high availability (HA) which can ensure that the web hosting service provided through Cloud will be redundant, multi-nodes that can offer resources that can be dynamically scaled. The crowding system is the most basic requirement of the cloud hosting solution.

Cloud hosting services are usually based on a balanced cluster, where data is stored in the storage area network (SAN). One cluster server can be easily added or removed from the system when needed. If there is a server that goes down for maintenance or for other reasons it doesn’t work, another node is capable of taking a burden.


1. Consumers are billed for the use of computing cycles,
2. Indicators that measure how much processing time Web hosting applications use the application,
3. They only pay for the resources they use,
4. They can easily add or reduce resources,
5. The web host can make the new server deployed instantly,
6. Ability to provide better uptime than web hosting services sent from standard servers,
7. With Cloud Technology One can use different technology together as part of the same cloud
8. Someone does not need to buy or install hardware or software every time.

Issac Gloria

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