How to cook bbq beef ribs – 3 stages important for perfection!

Many people have a variety of opinions about how to cook BBQ beef ribs. A few know how to do it right! Here are some simple stages to look around that will help give you an idea of ​​how to cook the right BBQ beef ribs.

Stage 1) Cooking ribs in advance

If you want to cook original beef ribs don’t want to just throw it on the BBQ grill and hope they will be great, they won’t. Preoking is what makes a difference. In your first stage, you will boil or bake the cow’s ribs. I recommend a slow baking. You can set your oven to 225 degrees or cook your ribs with tin paper on a pan for about 5 to 6 hours. Slow cooking is a soft meat key! It’s worth it!

Stage 2) coat the ribs

There are one million recipes for bbq beef sauce out there but only a few out there who know how to make a really great sauce worth the use in my opinion. Most do not show how to cook ribs with sauce. We want to go for an absolute mouth watering! After the ribs come out of the oven, you will set it on the side of the curve grill down and coat with sauce.

Stage 3) Stage coat, grill

When the BBQ grill is closed and reaches a temperature of about 300 degrees you will open it, turn the beef ribs and coat the other side. You will do this about three times. This is a great technique: coat, grill, coat, grill, coat, grill. It’s caramel sauce and sauce then holds the meat together so it doesn’t fall from the bone before getting to the plate!

Issac Gloria

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