How to determine your fitness level

If you have not exercised regularly, it is useful to determine your current level of health and fitness before you run (or walk). If you are under 35 and do not have health problems that might interfere, you can start this minute training program. However, if you are over 35, have a health problem, or have settled for years, checked in with your doctor before starting the training program. Your doctor will praise your new resolution. Then after you bend, he might want to do a number of tests, such as blood pressure checks, and discuss the limitations you might have. After you enter, you can do some of your own tests to determine where you need to focus your fitness efforts.

Determine your fitness level

These are four basic components that you need to evaluate to determine your fitness level:

Cardiovascular fitness (aerobics) How effective Your heart and lungs give blood and oxygen to your entire body? Do you have stamina to do the activities that you enjoy?

How strong muscle strength is your muscles? How well will they protect your joints and bones and let you do everyday tasks as they get older?

What flexibility is your flexibility? Your joints range are reduced as you get older, or when you become not settled, and this can ultimately limit daily abilities such as bending or achieving. Regular stretching programs can keep your muscles loose and your joints are flexible.

What body composition is your weight percentage fat? Do you bring too much body fat compared to the Lean network? Does the amount of body fat disrupt your health, activities, or quality of life?

Fitness testing is useful before starting your personal training program and to evaluate your progress. When you see that you inches closer to your fitness purpose, you stay motivated. Repeat your fitness test every two to three months to track fitness profits and increase your motivation.

Online Fitness Testing Information

There are tests you can do in the privacy of your own home to evaluate these four fitness elements. However, know that your results are just an indication of your fitness level. You might not test properly, or maybe there is an error in the calculation of results. Also, online tests may not take into account other variables, such as whether you exercise with asthma, rehabilitate the back injury, or do physical work in your daily life. So, use a fitness test, but take them as an indicator, not the gospel.

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