Real-time Customer Feedback: 3 Tips for Using Social Media 

Besides actions like training employees on customer relations and using unloading services for optimal delivery conditions, another effective way to stay on top of your customer service game is by using social media to get some real-time feedback. 

So here are 3 tips for you. 


Chatbots are like having a super-efficient customer service rep on standby 24/7. They make chatting with customers on social media a breeze and keep things running smoothly, which means happier customers and less stress for you.

You want to: 

  • Pick a chatbot platform that fits with what you want or invest in building one that fits
  • Teach your bot to handle all the common questions and feedback you get on social media
  • Hook it up to your social media accounts so that it can start work

Imagine you’re a trendy clothing brand with a chatbot on Facebook. When someone asks about sizes or shipping your bot swoops in with lightning-fast answers. After a purchase, it politely nudges customers to rate their experience, giving you valuable insights while you chill and sip your coffee.

Polls and Surveys 

Polls and surveys are fun, and easy to use and they show your followers that you care about their opinions, which is always a win.

You want to: 

  • Pick your favorite social media platform with polling or survey features (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Come up with questions that get to the heart of what you want to know
  • Share your poll or survey with a catchy caption 

Imagine you’re a buzzing restaurant chain and you want to spice up your menu. So, you throw a Twitter poll out there asking which dish is the crowd favorite. Before you know it, your mentions are blowing up with votes for your secret recipe tacos. Armed with this intel, you give those tacos the spotlight they deserve and watch sales soar.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is authentic, relatable, and basically free advertising. Plus, it builds a sense of community around your brand that keeps customers coming back for more.

You want to:

  • Create a catchy hashtag and invite your fans to join in
  • Show some love to the people who share their content by liking, commenting, and reposting
  • Throw in some sweet incentives to get everyone pumped up
  • Keep an eye on what’s being shared to make sure it’s all on-brand

Imagine you’re a fitness apparel brand launching a #SweatSquadChallenge on Instagram. You ask your followers to show off their workouts in your gear. Their posts flood your feed, showcasing all kinds of fitness goals and inspiring others to join in. And as the likes and comments pour in, you get to know exactly what’s working for everyone. 

Social media really can be a powerful tool for your business when it comes to customer service. Consider these tips. 

Issac Gloria

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