Touch screen – technology that cannot be rejected by anyone

The touch screen used in digital signage can be a strong way to market a product. Marketing specialists who do not give much attention to this technology are now actively integrating this in their overall marketing strategy. Not only is the interactive touch screen in the retail room but it is now moving to an interactive kiosk in the outer space such as parking, pedestrian and mall.

Dynamic is the right word for use for this technology. How does it work? For older generations it doesn’t really understand this technology can be attractive but very easy to use. LCD monitors are designed to detect human touches and when your finger panel is detected on the screen, on the option given, this displays the information requested by you. Have you ever seen how the touch screen works at the bank’s ATM? The same thing is replicated on a larger or smaller digital screen for retail space has made more charming marketing for consumers.

On the first touch screen it is not really available for the outer space but with better manufacturing and protective features to face water exposure or protection from heat, dust etc., the touch screen also finds their place outside.

Shopping centers or stores generally use it for customers to find items they are looking for and talk to them about existing or new product features.

The digital signage screen forms most of the home ad to this day. In the area where digital signage is available, they are replaced with an updated touch screen. Familiarity with a touch screen is wider because of product use such as Apple iPhone or iPod and in some areas they are mainly implemented in industrial spaces.

The touch screen is currently being used in lifts, security lines, ATMs, telephones, information centers, computers, cars etc. Using them brings curiosity to consumers and make interactions more fun for someone who hasn’t used it before. Also, this is a way to simplify the underlying advanced technology, utilizing it easier than before, even for people who don’t know such technology.

At present the source acts as an innovative advertising media and attracts consumers as much as possible. Therefore it is even effective in advertising for a product because it is bound to capture the customer’s eyes and therefore increase visibility. An ad message is also effectively forwarded which can affect customer decision decisions. Prospective target can see the LCD screen from close. However, if it is presented the option about the product on the screen, it can make experience more interactive and satisfying by touching the screen and getting it to display the information he wants. He can even make a decision on the spot and enter the order on the screen itself. The touch screen makes all the difference between passive and dynamic experiences.

The screen makes the media very important when it comes to children or in the cinema for the promotion given by a new generation is understanding technology and familiar and adapting well to the media.

Issac Gloria

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