Change the way you think of fitness

Switch. There are many definitions for this word. I can imagine some definitions because they stimulate the possibility, but it seems to stand out. Change … “A passage from one phase to another.” For those of you who visit your current fitness state and asked you how to go beyond, this definition could be exactly what you need to start a “new” fitness trip. Again, maybe not. One thing is certain, if the current physics “you aspire to be more in shape, then you must first change your thought in terms of fitness.

For many, it’s a difficult task. People usually tend to resist changes in things they are familiar. Accepting the fact that new and improved behavior must emerge, can scare you. Even if your fears abound, the reality is that you have to make a clear decision. Your reflection process must engage the possibility of a better you. Slowly but surely, you have to put a new mind if you want a new body.

So, how does it do it? Its caused by positive thoughts and statements. Thoughts are the brain of what food is in the body … fuel. For an athlete to perform at a high level, an essential element for this performance is an adequate body fuel. Equally important is what combines you mentally. What kind of thoughts do you feed your mind when it comes to physical form? If your mental fuel surrounding the fitness consists of: “I can not at the moment” or “Maybe I’m going next week”, then you use the wrong fuel.

Understand that these words are also mental fuel. The problem with these words is that they are the bad type of mental fuel to change your fitness. Leave to face her … “I can not at the moment” … or “maybe I’ll be able to do next week,” is the mental fuel of procrastination.

The procrastination must be avoided at all costs if we try to raise a new fitness level. Kissing tenants from procrastination, extends the start date of your fitness objective in the distant future.

Not even the Grand Micheal Jordan, Peyton Manning or Tiger Woods could have achieved the braces they have without subscribing to the practice of thoughtful thoughts and affirmations in their respective professions. The birth of a new fitness level begins with positive thoughts and affirmations for what you want to become. When you say your desired physical condition, this statement becomes the mental path you are going to travel until your goal is achieved.

It is very important that you make this connection. Practice positive thoughts will motivate you and boost your efforts to become better you. The same principle applies when you try to move to another level of fitness. In this regard, start your new fitness trip today. Avoid negative thinking traps that produce standard behaviors. Use thoughts and positive affirmations daily. Following these 2 simple steps will help you change your way of thinking about fitness.

Issac Gloria

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