How can technology make your business life easier?

There are many worries involved by running your own business. From wondering whether sales will meet the expectations to deal with employees, worrying bad checks and verifying customer age so you don’t sell adult products to minors, there are many potential problems that can appear every day.

Fortunately, technology can get rid of some of these worries. Although it cannot resolve your dispute with employees, it can make it easier for you to receive payments with confidence and monitor the age of your customers.

The first and most vital technology to make your business life easier is a credit card terminal. If you don’t receive a credit card, you really have to. People lately love to pay with plastic, and you will turn off some customers by not offering options.

When you see a merchant account and payment processing equipment, see if you can get a card reader that allows customers to enter their PIN numbers too. This will allow you to receive debit cards, providing more flexibility for your customers (and lower transaction rates for you).

Next, if a bad check is a concern for your business, you want to see the check reader. It’s a kind of credit card machine for checks. Just enter the check into the reader and the number of checks is automatically debited from the customer’s account.

You get payment within 24 hours and it’s deposited directly to your account – you don’t even need to go to the bank and physically deposit the check! Using reader checks can give you peace of mind because you will know before the customer leaves your store if they are able to buy the check they just wrote.

The last piece of technology which is a great addition to people selling tobacco, alcohol or other adult-oriented products is the hardware of age verification. Electronic age verification is carried out with the help of a device that looks like a credit card terminal and scans the rod code or magnetic strip on the identity card issued by the state.

The machine then tells you whether the person is old to consume whatever your product is. It takes allegations from reading IDs and is much faster than asking someone to check the identification of each protector and do math to make sure you don’t sell to minors.

In some cases technology can look like it makes our lives more difficult, always give us more to read, watch, and do. But in terms of your business, taking some new technologies certainly can make your life much easier.

Issac Gloria

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